About Carbon NYC

Founded in 2004, Carbon NYC is an exclusive social network of leaders in business, politics, technology, and the arts. Headquartered in New York City, the network draws an international membership on an invitation-only basis. In order to join Carbon NYC, an individual must demonstrate a high level of professional accomplishment, as well as success in non-work-related endeavors, such as philanthropy, the arts, sports, and technology.

Members of Carbon NYC include entrepreneurs, chief executive officers, company founders, entertainment executives, restaurateurs, eminent doctors, and Forbes 400 members. Although members come from diverse backgrounds, they generally have similar interests and ambitions. The average membership age is 36. Carbon NYC has approximately 160 members and receives as many as 300 applications every year. Although new members are admitted each quarter, Carbon NYC maintains a strict cap on its membership.

Carbon NYC offers a wide range of valuable benefits to its members, including access to exclusive services and events. Past offerings have included a flight to Montreal in a private jet and invitations to the Grand Prix. As a social networking organization, Carbon NYC actively encourages its members to support one another professionally and socially, and its networking events provide opportunities for members to develop important business and personal relationships.

In addition to working on behalf of its members, Carbon NYC contributes to a variety of charitable causes. Each spring, it hosts the Carbon NYC Spring Charity Soirée to raise funds for charitable organizations such as charity: water, CampInteractive, the Lincoln Center Institute, and the Food Bank for New York City.


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